It’s the best gift You can give Yourself. But it’s not about hugs, it’s about HUGGGGS! HUGE UNBELIEVABLY GOOD GOALS! You feel them in your heart, you think about them all the time. Even if You want to forget about Your HUGGS and stay in Your comfort zone, they come back. They’re  Your blood, Your mind, yours soul. They define You.


Like I said, sometimes You want to forget about them. It’s when You feel safe and comfortable in Your shelter. This shelter can be toxic for You but it’s well-known, familiar and You exactly know what You can expect, so You decide to do nothing. It stops You from growing. It kills Your natural driver, Your passion, Your HUGG. But true HUGGS can’t be really dormant. And It’s good because HUGGS are good. HUGGS are creative and like blessings fall into our life. We are their creators, they are personal and we don’t copy them from other people.[1]  So go HUGG Yourself!


HUGGS are big. Sorry, HUGGS are HUGE and long term (5-30 years). It doesn’t mean that they’re hard to achieve. They’re can be very easy to achieve! Why? Because a HUGG excites us so much that we actually enjoy thinking about and working towards it.  And with a little bit of a push, we might actually take action instead of just thinking about it. So take action!


Start by imagining how things would look if you had succeeded in achieving your goal. It can be helpful to literally draw or use images to create a picture of what success looks like to you and display the picture somewhere you will be reminded of it each day. Use your other senses to capture how you will feel when you have succeeded. Who else will be involved, what sounds can you hear, what can you smell/taste?

  • Pin a date on your goal- when do you want to achieve it by?
  • Now make the goal more specific. Working back from your goal achievement date, plan the actions you will need to undertake to achieve it and capture when these individual actions need to be completed by.
  • You should now have a more detailed plan of action required.
  • On a scale of 1-10, test your degree of commitment to your goal. If it’s less than a 10, what needs to change to increase the score? If it’s less than 7, will you be sufficiently motivated to pursue your goal? Perhaps it’s the wrong goal.
  • When you are happy with your HUGG and your plan of action, commit to one activity each day that will move you closer to achieving it.
  • Periodically pause to review and capture your successes.
  • Congratulate yourself on the progress you’ve made.[2]


My HUGG is to think GLOBAL and act GLOBAL! And this post is my activity today that will move me closer to achieve it!
Share your HUGGS with us below!

Julitta Debska

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